Tennis Sports Medicine Database

This database is designed as a quick sports medicine reference for tennis players and athletes looking to find current information on from reliable sources.

Wether you have a chronic, nagging condition, want to prevent excessive sweating or have recently injured yourself. Start your search here.

Sports medicine outcomes are measured differently than those of general medicine, and thats why this database strives to maintain current therapies for the most common issues plaguing racquet sports enthusiasts.  

Dr. Zach Thomas 

Dr. Thomas is a board certified podiatric foot and ankle surgeon. Before going into medicine he played and coached tennis for Slippery Rock University as well as taught tennis in Pittsburgh, PA and is still currently a USPTR certified tennis professional.

Dr. Thomas practices at Academy of Podiatry in Pittsburgh.


No content on this website or affiliate social media pages is intended or should be used as first line or definitive medical advice. Every athlete's body is different and consultation with a doctor should always be first line treatment. An exam by a licensed physician is the only way to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan. No website is a replacement for a one on one physician consultation.