Ankle or Crew Socks; which are better?

Ankle/ no-show or crew socks, what is best??

First, make sure you are using a poly blend; cotton will soak up moisture and then hold onto it for dear life. if you don’t have moisture wicking socks.

The long and short of it (no pun intended) is that if you are prone to excessive sweat - make sure you are wearing a crew length sock, this will stop the sweat from flowing down your leg into your shoe. 

Also, if you battle sweat, two socks are better than one, this will give you a second layer between your feet and the insole of the shoe. I also like wearing two socks versus one very thick sock, namely because it helps prevent friction, but also because it diminishes the risk of holding onto moisture and heat given the tiny but substantial air pocket between the socks. 

So is there a place for a no-show or ankle level sock? Of course.

Athletes who don’t sweat excessively or wear ankle braces really don’t require a crew length sock. If you are more comfortable this way then go for it. Some people really REALLY don’t like the “tennis tan” a crew sock gives and if you are a teaching pro and standing by a ball cart for a lot of the day, you may be more comfortable letting the breeze hit your legs.

Everyone is different, that’s why there are so many different socks. Happy hitting!

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