Cavus Foot (High arch foot)

Cause: Hereditary, trauma, surgical complication

Appearance: High arch, pain under the ball of the foot, heel, possible chronic ankle spraining.

How to Diagnose: X-ray, clinical exam


- Closed cell foam inserts.

- Silicone padding

- Maximalist tennis shoes and custom orthotics

- Surgery is an option only in cases where a lengthy course of conservative care has failed. Surgery for this condition can result in significant stiffness depending on the severity of the deformity – recovery can take 1-2 years before full return to sport depending on which procedure is necessary.


Long-term prognosis: Shock absorption is the mainstay of treatment. Offloading devices such as closed cell foam inserts, orthotics, and/or silicone will need to be utilized indefinitely to prevent progression of pain.

Who to call: Podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon

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