Midfoot arthritis (Arthritis in the middle of the foot)

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Cause: Overuse, high arch, flatfoot, previous trauma (sprain, strain, fracture)

Appearance: Pain centered over the top of the middle of the foot (dorsal arch) with out without a “bump”. Joints are stiff, may make a grinding noise (crepitation).

How to Diagnose: Clinical exam, x-rays, CT,MRI, diagnostic injection


- Changing to a clay playing surface. Ice, compression (sleeve or sock). Oral anti-inflammatories ( if ok to take).

- Topical pain medicine, either prescription or OTC. Orthotics or bracing help support the inflamed joints.

- Corticosteroid injections can help with inflammation but over time can cause cartilage damage if overused.

- Surgical options include debridement of excess bone, fusion.

o There are reports of placing spacers in the joints, however our experience has not seen these hold up well in athletes.

Long-term prognosis: Controlling the inflammation is the key to pain relief. Once this is achieved, maximalist shoes, compression, orthotics or bracing help prevent recurrence of symptoms.

Who to call: Podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon

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