Shoe Review: adidas SoleCourt Boost

For those of us who want a durable, gripping, wide shoe that can take a pounding sliding back and fourth, adidas has come up with quite the solution. The SoulCourt Boost delivers on some of my most pressing wants in a shoe.

The upper is mostly synthetic with a wider forefoot that gives more stability laterally as well as comfort for those of us wide-of-foot. The upper if also a traditional lace pattern for those of us who still like the stability of this design.

The MAJOR selling point from a foot doctor’s perspective is the treat material riding up on the outsole medially which is a big plus for sliding/ protecting your toes. The outer also sports a cover in the forefoot to further protect the outsole/ laces that further impresses the most strident of dirt ballers.

The tread is your standard herringbone clay-specialist tread, however this tread has started coming into vogue on hard courts with tread materials becoming more durable. Just watch trying to slide on a hardcourt on a hot day, they could get sticky.

The midsole is made mostly for comfort and cushion, also adding a bit of weight coming in at 15.7 ounces for a 10.5 shoe.

This shoe should fit any orthotic or brace, even a thicker orthotic with an extrinsic post. If you do wear orthotics or braces, this shoe is a great pick.

The color ways are flashy which I like, but I’m partial to orange anyway since it was my high school color

Overall this is a great clay shoe that can also hold its weight on hardcourts. If you are looking for stability- this is your shoe.

The Rundown:

What I like: Stability, tread material on the outsole

What I dislike: Weight

Best for: Neutral to wide feet

Best Surface: Clay

Weight: Heavy

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